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Two people in a kitchen working using a laptop.

Inclusive prompt engineering: How to boost your ad performance with better copywriting

Combining these three powerful tools – Microsoft Copilot’s generative AI, strategic prompt engineering skills, and inclusive advertising insights – advertisers can aim to outperform their baseline ad campaign performance while saving time and effort.

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Two kids sitting in a garden, both with laptops.

Seasonal Spotlights: Home and Garden Advertising in the spring Season

Spring is a time of regeneration, growth, and development. From blooming flowers to launching new ad campaigns. With the new beginnings of spring, we introduce a new blog series: Seasonal Spotlights.

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Three female coworkers laughing while looking at a smartphone.

Unlocking a vibrant, mobile-first audience and more with generative AI

We continue to transform advertising with our generative AI capabilities through our Chat Ads API. Powering Sponsored Links within Snapchat’s My AI brings mobile growth and a new partnership with Facemoji Keyboard brings a vibrant audience.

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