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Dynamic Search Ads now available in Bing Ads Editor

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) is a new campaign type which helps dramatically reduce time spent in initial setup and day-to-day management, while simultaneously identifying new queries and sources of revenue for your business. With Dynamic Search Ads now available within Bing Ads Editor, you can further boost your campaign management efficiency of DSA to help achieve your campaign goals.

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Target searches automatically with Dynamic Search ads open beta in the US

We are very excited to announce that the Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) beta is now open to all advertisers in the United States. DSA is designed to help advertisers increase their impression volume, increase search term coverage and drive incremental clicks and conversions, while reducing the burdens of campaign set up and day-to-day management.

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New tracking parameters for URLs in Bing Ads

We understand how important it is for advertisers to gain additional insights about their paid search clicks. The more data you have, the easier it is to fine tune your campaign settings to improve performance that can help you reach valuable customers more easily. Three new tags — {Campaign}, {AdGroup} and {Network} — can now be added to your landing page URLs to help you quickly determine where your ads are appearing and what is triggering them to appear. New dynamic text tags for better URL...

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Optimize your campaigns with our new Keyword Planner

Wondering how to find more relevant, traffic-driving keywords to lift your current campaign’s performance? Or maybe you're building your first online ad and need help choosing the keywords to describe your business? Then there’s the question for all advertisers, new and old: “How much should I bid on those keywords to be competitive?” Today, we are excited to announce that the release of the new Bing Ads Keyword Planner helps you address these questions. What is Keyword Planner? Keyword Planner...

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