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Ad Quality Year in Review 2015

Online advertising plays a big role in keeping many online services low cost or free of charge. This is a win for both users and website owners, however, it can also attract questionable actors, who are constantly looking for ways to push their low quality or even dangerous content to unsuspecting users, convincing them to take action they may not have intended. In really malicious cases, bad ads may cause users to lose personal information, or infect their devices. Protection is needed to...

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New in Editor: Native Ads, faster ad extension imports

We are pleased to announce the release of Bing Ads Editor version 10.9.1. This version includes a bundle of exciting features such as support for Bing Native Ads, faster ad extension imports and improved editorial messaging. Thank you for your feedback that made this release possible, read on for details. Support for Bing Native Ads Bing Native Ads are ads where the subject matter and visual design are relevant to the pages they are displayed on. They expand the reach of the Bing Ads platform to...

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Find out if your keywords are working in just one step

Do you want to know whether a particular keyword is triggering your ads and, if not, why? Beginning today, that answer is just one step away from your Campaigns page. With the new inline keyword diagnosis tool, you can make smarter connections to achieve more by gathering information about your keywords when you need it, without a bunch of pesky clicks. Get started Navigate to the Keywords tab in your Campaigns page and locate the keyword you're interested in. Hover over the ellipsis icon (“…”)...

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How to lose a lead in seconds

The destination URL or Final URL is a critical component of the ad copy as it leads search users to the targeted content on an advertiser’s website. An incorrect destination/final URL in an ad leading to a 4XX error such as 404 will result in a frustrating user experience as the users will not find the product or service they are expecting to see after clicking the ad. From an advertiser point of view, a click on an ad with a broken URL will not convert, hurting return on investment or ROI. 4xx...

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The science of brand bidding: Follow-up and FAQs

The pros and cons of bidding on your own brand terms can keep you running in circles. On one hand, bidding on your own brand terms could be a waste of money if your organic results are showing up anyway. On the other, what do you lose (or, what’s the cost) when you don’t invest in bidding on your brand terms? The data scientists at Bing Ads wanted answers on the brand-term bidding question, so they created tests, conducted the study and compiled the data. Led by Lars Hirsch, our Director of...

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