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An Update on Using Microsoft Accounts to Sign in to Bing Ads

Note: This blog post is over a year old and contains outdated, inaccurate information. For the most recent guidance on signing in to Bing Ads, please visit the Help article on this topic. -------------------------------------------------- Last week, we began the process of encouraging Bing Ads users to sign in with a Microsoft account, which will replace the usage of Bing Ads accounts to sign in next year. Since then, thousands of Bing Ads customers have made the transition and given us feedback...

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"I Can’t Log In to My Bing Ads Account": Tips for Troubleshooting and Proactive Prevention

We’ve recently noticed an increase in forum comments regarding login issues. The Bing Ads Quality and Risk teams constantly work to maintain and grow a safer network that provides a great user experience and advertiser ROI. As such when we notice activity that poses a potential risk and warrants further evaluation, we may disable an advertiser from using their account as a precaution. In some cases this might be a temporary measure where we require more information from advertiser. Typically,...

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