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SMBs can find customers and save time with Smart Campaigns and Multi-platform

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It’s become increasingly clear in the past few years how integral small and medium businesses (SMBs) are to the success of our global societies—and yet, we hear from you that being a small business today is harder than ever. In our always-on digital reality, SMBs need smarter solutions to grow their online presence and acquire new customers. And those solutions need to be easy to use, time-saving, cost-efficient, and reliable. Today, Microsoft Advertising is proud to announce that we’ve launched a newly redesigned Smart Campaigns experience with a new Multi-platform feature in the United States to make online advertising for small businesses easier, smarter, and better at helping you reach more customers across leading advertising and social media platforms.

New Smart Campaigns make getting started simpler and easier than ever

Time is money, right? We know that how you spend your time matters to the success of your business, so we’ve enhanced our Smart Campaigns to save you time and reduce the stress of promoting your business online. Smart Campaigns are a simple and efficient way for small businesses to get started with digital advertising and connect with relevant customers who are ready to engage with their business. It’s a streamlined and guided campaign experience to run ads on Microsoft Advertising, and optionally on other advertising platforms. From onboarding to optimizing your campaign, our support team is available through a prevalent chat experience across our site, and setting up ads is easier than ever with a simplified setup workflow. You can create your own ads or have us generate options for your review.

Optimization is key to the new Smart Campaigns experience. With your revenue growth in mind, we’ve refined the artificial intelligence (AI) built into the solution. This can help you easily optimize your campaigns to meet your goals while budgeting for a strong return on investment.

Extend and scale your reach with Multi-platform

Reaching new audiences and optimizing campaigns across many digital channels used to be hard, but we’re making it easier. Multi-platform, an all-in-one Microsoft Advertising feature now available in Smart Campaigns, is built to help you connect with customers across leading advertising and social media platforms.

Extend your reach at scale by running ads across any mix of Microsoft Advertising, Google, Facebook, and Instagram—all from one interface within the Microsoft Advertising platform. Not only do we provide a single place for the management and analytics of your campaigns across platforms, but we also bring the power of Microsoft AI, which automatically optimizes your budget for the best performance across all these platforms.

Text showing Well Life’s founder’s opinion about using Smart Campaigns

Well Life recently used the Multi-platform feature in Smart Campaigns to achieve growth and optimize campaigns easily. Read more about how Well Life used Microsoft Advertising tools for their success.

Smart Campaigns and Multi-platform can also help with your website or organic social media efforts. Build a brand-new website from scratch or generate one from your business’s Facebook page in seconds. And use our powerful social media management tools to schedule posts and respond to your customers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from a single interface. The best part? These tools are free to use—you only pay for your ad spend!

Text showing Royal Apple’s Marketing Manager’s opinion about the Multi-platform feature

Royal Apple found efficiency in managing campaigns with the Multi-platform feature. Learn more about how Multi-platform helped Royal Apple reach new audiences and easily interact with their customers across platforms.

Simplify your marketing approach and grow your business with Smart Campaigns

  • New to Microsoft Advertising? Sign up here or connect with our team of specialists to get started.
  • Existing Microsoft Advertiser? We’ll give you the option to migrate to the new experience in the coming months. If you’d like to be considered for early access to Smart Campaigns, let us know here.
  • We also have a webcast on Smart Campaigns and the Multi-platform feature happening on September 20th. Register here to watch.

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