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Supporting marketers in automated search strategies

Search Automation Whitepaper 2020.
Search automation is evolving at lightning speed and to help search specialists and marketers in getting more successful campaigns, DDMA and IAB Netherlands published a new ‘Search Automation’ whitepaper in partnership with Microsoft, Google, SDIM and iProspect.
Upon downloading the below whitepaper, you’ll find invaluable updates in relation to privacy, machine learning (ML) and voice recognition which have all changed the search landscape.

Search Automation 2020 - Whitepaper

Activities that can be automated

Activities for a search campaign that can be automated include campaign creation, bid management, data activation and account hygiene. Automation is not a one-size-fits-all, this whitepaper explores the listed activities in more detail to help support marketers. Once you master search automation, efficiency will be improved, and greater results achieved.

Strategy forms the framework for automation

Strategy forms the framework of everything that is automated. Focusing on conversion data will have the greatest impact on your search engine advertising. Marketers who align their campaign creativity, data input and strategy with their business objectives will achieve the right results from their campaigns.

Dynamic Search Ads for campaign creation

Microsoft Advertising’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) helps marketers understand high performing keywords and uncover gaps in their generic keyword selection. Dynamic search ads are ads that automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of your website, and are dynamically created to respond to these search queries. As one of Microsoft Advertising’s most innovative tools, DSA should be part of any advertiser’s strategy to drive growth for your business.
Ad customizers are another innovative Microsoft Advertising campaign creation feature which allows you to adjust ad text based on different targeting options. Using ad customizers, improves your ad relevance and helps increase your click-through rates.
To learn more about these capabilities, please visit our Help pages for Dynamic Search Ads, Ad Customizers and Conversion Tracking. If you have any questions or comments, you can connect with us via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. To receive blog updates automatically, subscribe to the Microsoft Advertising Insider newsletter.
It is important - now more than ever - to set up the strategy and the data input in the right way, since this forms the base on which search campaigns are automated

Gina van den Bogaard, Chairwoman of the Taskforce Search of IAB Netherlands and Digital Marketing Consultant at DEPT Agency