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Bing Ads Next 4.0

Today we hosted the fourth Bing Ads Next. This is a unique event we have been delighted to host annually on the campus of Microsoft in Redmond, Washington with a number of top thought leaders, influencers and friends of Bing. Here at Bing Ads, we relish the opportunity to openly partner with the industry at events like this to evolve the development of our search advertising platform that increasingly empowers businesses to be successful.

For those of you who were not present, we wanted to share a sneak peak of the day’s discussion delivered by various business and engineering leaders from across the company for whom Bing is an essential intelligence ingredient in advancing technology and what it can do for people, businesses and of course, marketers with Bing Ads.

We heard from experts on the vision for Conversations as a Platform and AI, the growth of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge and the opportunities with Microsoft HoloLens and how Bing plays part in each of these technologies.  We also heard from researchers and evangelists on the power of data for decision making with a focus on Azure and IoT and how search intelligence will power marketing opportunities of the future. 
The message was clear: Bing is bigger than you know and is integral to Microsoft’s technology and future.

First up, was the CVP of Microsoft Search Advertising, Rik van der Kooi, who took an in-depth look at the evolution of search and how Bing Ads offers marketers the opportunity not only providing tools to make the connections that matter to them with a unique audience today, but a gateway to a far broader and smarter integrated marketing strategy in the future.


One of Bing Engineering leaders, Gurpreet Singh Pall, discussed the evolution of search and how it’s creating ways for brands to engage with customers in a natural way, conversationally and in context.  The rise of bots and digital assistants, like Cortana, are ushering new ways for brands to engage and interact with customers.

Margeau Veenstra of our HoloLens team discussed the exciting space of mixed reality and how companies and consumers are now able to integrate their real world with their digital world. By being able to place 3d Holograms into your real world environment, HoloLens will rewrite the rules for how consumers search for, consider, and deliberate about purchases.


Our customer-centric approach and dedication to transparency is an important part of finding the future together. We look forward to doing great things together with you and are excited what we can do together next.