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The Download, Episode 6: 2021 Consumer Trends Report

Episode 6 is here. After a staggering 40,000+ views of Episode 5 on YouTube we’re excited for a jam-packed episode to keep things moving in 2021.

We kick things off with more insights from our 2021 Consumer Trends Report, we look into how to get more bang for your buck with the Microsoft Audience Network, and we speak with Merkle about how they’re building a best practices guideline around Inclusive Marketing.

This episode will cover:

  • More Microsoft Advertising Insights on our 2021 Consumer Trends Report. We dive deep into three more trends for you to apply to your business based on these insights.
  • Our Inclusive Marketing Lab with MJ DePalma speaks with our partners at Merkle about the Inclusive Marketing best practices they’ve designed.
  • A product pop-up about our Microsoft Audience Network.
  • A special interview with the authors of the book Rare Breed and why everyone has one dominant vice (or virtue) that’s necessary to help power a team.

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