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Ad suggestions with auto-apply to boost ad performance (open beta)

Managing campaigns effectively is one of the most important elements in digital advertising, but it can also be complex and time-consuming. Microsoft Advertising’s ad suggestions with auto-apply are a great way to boost your ad group performance and save you time. Campaigns and ad groups tend to get better results when they leverage multiple ads to get your message out — research shows that ad groups with three or more quality ads can get up to 15% more clicks than those with only one ad. By infusing automation into your ad creations, Microsoft Advertising helps you identifying ad groups that show potential for better performance and creating new ads, based on your existing ads, all behind the scenes.

Starting in March 2021, you may see ad suggestions with auto-apply on the Recommendations page. You’ll get an email notification from Microsoft Advertising with suggestions for new ads depending on your email preference setting. You’ll have 14 days from the notification to review them. After that, the ads will be automatically enabled unless you choose to remove them.

Benefits of ad suggestions with auto-apply

  • Save time in creating ads with different variations.
  • Improve efficiency on ad copy optimization.

What it looks like

Ad suggestions created just for you are surfaced on the Recommendations page in the Ads & extensions category for you to review. You can apply, edit, or dismiss them, similar to other regular recommendations.

Product view of the Ad & extensions tab on the recommendations page, showing new suggested ads.

Ad suggestions marked as auto-apply will start serving after 14 days if no action is taken. The go-live date will be provided in the Recommendations detail page as well as email notifications. You can apply, edit or dismiss these suggestions in advance.

Product view of the Ad & extensions tab on the recommendations page, where you can add or dismiss new suggested ads.

You can opt-out of automatically applying these ads in your account Settings at any time. If your Auto-apply ad suggestions setting is Off, you may still see ad suggestions on the Recommendations page, but you need to manually add them into your account.

Product view of the account settings tab on the settings page, showing a checkbox to turn on or off the auto-apply ads setting.

Ad suggestions that auto-applied will show on the Ads & extensions page with the tag “Automated ad.” You can pause, delete, or edit them with full control.

Things to know

  • When Microsoft Advertising identifies an ad group that might be helped by having more quality ads, it creates suggested ads designed for that ad group. Note that most of your ad groups might never get suggested ads.
  • The suggested ads are variations of your existing ads, based on your keywords, ad extensions, landing page, targeting, and other relevant content.
  • Ad suggestions continue to create new ads as long as we see the potential for improvements to your ad group performance.
  • You’ll get a maximum of 50 suggested ads per account at one time.

What’s next

In the coming months, we’ll onboard more recommendations with auto-apply to drive up your efficiency and help you improve your campaign performance.

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