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Six things you need to know about today’s consumer

We live in a brave new world where technology has redefined not only how we live and work — it has transformed our habits and expectations.

We live in a world where digital and physical experiences are merging. Where interactions and transactions are increasingly on-demand, seamless, and personal. Where a digital assistant can hail an Uber, manage our appliances, and restock our pantries.

And as Generation Z acquires increased buying power and women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community experience substantial economic growth, brands that want to engage these high-value segments must evolve.

Below are six emerging trends to help you connect with today’s consumer. For more insights, as well as some actions you can take right away, be sure to download our new eBook, "The new consumer is the new frontier."
  1. They expect ultra-individualized and relevant experiences.
We can’t overstate this enough. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) evolve and the digital world becomes embedded in everything we do, providing hyper-personalized and relevant content and experiences is essential to reaching today’s new consumer. Brands must be able to use these technologies to understand and anticipate needs and offer uniquely personal and contextual experiences.

Fact: 64% of consumers who switch brands are looking for a more relevant experience.
  1. They want to navigate digital and physical channels seamlessly.
As digital permeates our daily lives, another impact is that consumers increasingly expect frictionless integration between physical and digital channels, so that they can interact with brands both ways. Examples might include delivering ads to customers in-store to virtual dressing rooms that enable consumers to visualize themselves in outfits.

Fact: Whether shopping in-store or online, 67% of consumers expect consistent service levels.
  1. They want it now.
Because if you can’t give it to them now, you can be sure that someone else will. As delivery and wait times decrease with the aid of advanced supply chain and logistics systems — along with the rise of delivery drones — our expectations for faster service have amplified.

And it’s not just products we’re talking about. It’s also services like healthcare. Data shows that patients also want faster service and 83% feel that healthcare providers should provide tools that improve their digital and physical experience.

Fact: As of 2018, 43% of U.S. consumers expect faster deliveries — a 23% boost over 2017.
  1. They want you to be proactive.
Got a coupon they want? Don’t make them ask. The key is anticipating consumer needs before they themselves are aware of it. Real-time, in-the-moment visibility with uniquely relevant push notifications and promotions are of real value to consumers.

Fact: 75% of millennials want real-time discounts delivered in store.
  1. They want you to handle things for them.
Time is extremely valuable. AI and ML are enabling brands to deliver greater convenience and automation through what’s known as “easy button” services. Consumers are willing to pay for technology-enabled services and automation that take over tedious tasks and simplify their lives.

Fact: 65% of consumers expect increased automation.
  1. They want easy, 24/7 self-service convenience.
Convenience is king. Consumers expect to be empowered to take care of things themselves on their own time, even if it’s at 3 a.m. on a Sunday. Services like online chat ease the strain of waiting to reach a live customer service agent. In-store kiosks make purchases and returns faster and easier.

Fact: 75% of consumers feel that reaching a live customer service agent takes too much time.

Learn more about the new consumer

The race is on to understand your new consumer and meet their evolving needs. And the faster and better you meet these needs, the greater brand loyalty you’ll secure. For more insights and examples as well as some easy tricks to help you get started today, download "The new consumer is the new frontier."