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Welcome Bing Ads fans

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At Bing Ads, we realize that the root of any stellar software experience is the people who use our tools. Our dedicated users, call them fans, provide us invaluable feedback and insights to help keep the features you know and appreciate coming. This relationship hopes to offer a deeper and more meaningful understanding of how our product performs for our customers—essentially, what you say really matters.

In this spirit, we want to find increasing ways to keep these relationships going. Our goal is to build authentic connections that drive the advocacy, knowledge, and appreciation of Bing Ads. The next step for us is to launch our global Bing Ads fan program.

Who is a Bing Ads fan?

The first criteria of a Bing Ads fan is being a Bing Ads user. Sound like you?

Do you want to be friends with global search professionals? Can you help us build better products? Will you push us to be innovative?

Did you answer yes to all the above? Well then, you’re a Bing Ads fan.

We’re looking for those who engage with our community and advocate for our tools. Our Bing Ads fans live across the globe and work in diverse industries. Fans use our products frequently and want to tell their friends all about it. Still sound good?

Ok, I’m a fan now what?

We want to ensure we get key info to you, our fans, so you have greater insight into Bing Ads with opportunities to improve product features and solve problems. We need to hear your feedback and we want to share your success stories—because we only succeed when you do too.

And as an added thank you, fans will be eligible for some Bing Ads exclusives. We want to provide recognition for our highly engaged advocates. We know that most people love gifts, so get ready for some fun Bing presents (more details will be sent to those who sign up).
Now all that’s left is to sign up.

Become an official fan

So how do you become one of the first members of this special group? Sign up on the Bing Ads fan page.  It will probably take you less than 5 minutes to tell us a little bit about yourself. Have your Bing Ads customer ID ready to help keep the sign-up process simple and fast.

Keep an eye out for upcoming fan details on Twitter and via email.