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Bing Ads makes it easy to create Expanded Text Ads

In October, we announced the launch of Expanded Text Ads, so that advertisers worldwide can create more compelling ads to grab their customers’ attention. We have seen great adoption. For advertisers with a high volume of impressions and who are highly engaged with their Expanded Text Ad campaigns, we’ve observed a 10-15% higher CTR1
Today we are making it even easier to adopt Expanded Text Ads by providing two new functionalities through Bing Ads Web UI (this week) and Bing Ads Editor (next week).

1. In Bing Ads Web UI, when editing your standard text ads, you now have the opportunity to convert them into Expanded Text Ads.

Take advantage of the additional character space for your title, ad text, and URL and we will create a new Expanded Text Ad for you. Your new Expanded Text Ad and the old standard ad will continue to run in parallel, so that the overall performance of your accounts and campaigns does not decline. Once your Expanded Text Ad gains history and starts to perform better, you can delete your standard text ad. For more setup details please visit our help page.

When you are expanding your ad we strongly recommend you consider: 
  • Your audience and messaging: You have more space to use, so use it wisely. You can learn more about what makes an affective ad. 
  • Tracking: Expanded Text Ads do not support Destination URLs, so you will need to upgrade your URL too. Learn more about how to upgrade your URLs.
2. In Bing Ads Editor, we will be providing the functionality to export your standard text ads in Expanded Text Ad format, thus making it easy to make bulk changes to your ads. This update is coming up shortly, so look for the formal announcement on our blog next week. 

Let us know your thoughts on Expanded Text Ads
For any questions or feedback regarding Expanded Text Ads, you can reach out to your Bing Ads account manager, or directly to us  at
Based on Internal Microsoft Data, January 23, 2017