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Social Extensions. How will you use it?

Can your ad be doing more?  Can your ad be an extension of your social self?  We think so, and want to know if you agree.  Bing Ads is testing social extensions in the US market, and would like to know what you think.

What Are Social Extensions?

Social extensions are a new type of ad extension from Bing Ads, placed under your ad copy that direct potential customers into social conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Tumblr. Searchers click on the extension and are directed to the associated social account or social post.




Why Social Extensions?

Businesses today spend a lot of time and resources to engage customers on social media and use paid search to drive traffic. Bing Ads team believes it’s time to build a bridge between two.

We believe driving potential customers to your presence on social networks to join a conversation will allow you to engage customers more directly. Brand marketers can push engagement levels using traffic coming from search to social. Customer Relationship Managers who want to push customers to social for help and/or info especially in “real time” scenarios can do so easily.

Using social extensions in combination with other ad extensions can symbiotically increase both your ad’s CTR and your customer engagement.

What Do You Think?

We want you to tell us whether social extensions should be a permanent member of the Bing Ads portfolio.  Ping us on Twitter, post a comment on our Facebook page, or yours and hashtag #BingAds, share a pic of your socially-equipped ad on Instagram, or send a note to us directly at