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The Psychology of Inclusion and the Effects in Advertising

At Microsoft Advertising we’re invested in helping our clients and partners create brands that are welcomed into people’s lives — like a best friend who someone can rely on, especially during these challenging times. Never has there been a more important time to show up in ways that matter. How a business operates, communicates, and responds is an opportunity to focus on your brand's purpose in relevant and authentic ways. We expect that trust built on responsibility, values, and inclusion will emerge as an operating model for brands to build relationships with their customers that have purpose, withstand the test of time, and ultimately drive immense business value.
Inclusive marketing is a crucial factor woven throughout the entire journey of building this meaningful relationship. Inclusive brands don’t want to just reach people; they want to make all people feel seen and understood. Understanding that the human experience is diverse and has a wide spectrum of experiences is key. Inclusive marketing isn’t just about targeting niche segments or policy compliance. It’s about building genuine relationships with people that celebrate diverse values, respects them, across a wide range of human experiences. 
Microsoft Advertising conducted a series of research studies to help determine how inclusion in advertising, if at all, plays a role with consumers. We set out to understand the psychology in play when experiencing inclusion in advertising and if there were any quantifiable effects. In this whitepaper, we summarize the research insights to help you gain an understanding of why authentically surfacing inclusion in your business strategy and advertising can not only make a difference in your business, but in the world as we know it. We also share actionable marketing and advertising tactics for applying these research findings.
Below are the 5 key research insights we unpack in this whitepaper:
  1. Inclusive advertising drives trust.
  2. Inclusive business drives loyalty.
  3. Inclusive advertising drives purchase intent.
  4. Words matter and so do images.
  5. Playing it safe is riskier than taking a stand.
Our best collective future depends on an inclusive today.

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