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Stand out with free high-quality visuals available for image ads

With the right images, your ads can deliver quality connections with your target audience. But if you’re repeatedly using the same, small handful of images, then you’re likely missing out on valuable opportunities to engage with your target audience. To help you find the right images for your campaigns, we’re partnering with Shutterstock to provide you free access to over 320 million high-quality, advertising-ready images for use in Microsoft Advertising. With these images, you can:
  • Easily run campaigns with a wide variety of photos and illustrations to achieve the best performance with your target audience.
  • Complete your ad setup much more quickly, especially if you previously did not have access to an image library.
  • More effectively communicate your brand by having the flexibility to add new images to match each campaign’s unique goals, targeting, and story.
Shutterstock provides businesses and professionals with creative content and tools to help them produce their best work. Shutterstock’s vast collection of images grows every day, powered by over one million contributors from more than 100 countries. Microsoft Advertising is partnering with Shutterstock to give you free access to this collection for the purposes of using them in your Image Extensions and your Microsoft Audience Ads.

Product view of Shutterstock photos in the Add an image interface.

Adding stock images to your Microsoft audience campaign is fast and simple:
  1. When you're creating an ad for your audience campaign, click Add images
  2. In the dialog that appears, select Stock Images
  3. Browse available stock images by typing in a search term that’s relevant to your product, business, or ad campaign’s story.
  4. Keep in mind that the images you select must adhere to the Microsoft image policy as well as the following: 
    • Images can only be used in ads created and served from Microsoft Advertising, in its original, unaltered form.
    • Images may not be used for adult content or unlawful content that infringes on any third party’s trademark or intellectual property rights. 
    • Images may not portray any person depicted in the image that is offensive, including the person in connection to adult content. 
    • Images may not be used as a trademark, service mark, or logo.
  5. You may see a Shutterstock watermark over the image you select. Watermarks do not appear in the final ad delivered to your target audience.
Stock photos are currently rolling out to advertisers in the United States and the United Kingdom who are participating in our beta of the Microsoft Audience Network. If you are interested in joining the beta, please contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager about your interest in getting started with the audience campaigns. If you do not work with a Microsoft employee to manage your advertising with us, then you can reach us directly through this survey. After contacting us, you can expect the beta to become available for your account within 1 – 2 weeks.

For more information about the Microsoft Advertising and Shutterstock partnership, you can read the Shutterstock blog post or register for our joint webcast.