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Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner spotlight

At our Virtual Partner Summit at the end of May, we announced the winner and finalist of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration for April. Now, we want to put these Celebrated Partners in the spotlight. We interviewed the winner and finalist to get an inside look at these companies, their history, objectives, partnership with Microsoft Advertising, and more.

Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner, North America — Tandem Interactive

Joe Laratro, President and Founder of Tandem Interactive
Tell us about your company — its history, and current objectives.

Tandem is a digital marketing agency specializing in all things SEO, SEM, and Paid Search Marketing for a vast range of business verticals.

What’s your company’s vision/mission/specialization?

Tandem Interactive strives to work together with our clients to develop trendy online marketing strategies that continuously drive ROI. It’s our goal to constantly evolve with paid marketing and implement modern tactics and techniques in ways that best serve a wide range of industries. Our mission is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and to be completely transparent in our efforts.
As the realm of digital marketing changes, so does Tandem’s tactics. However, Team Tandem’s overall philosophy always keeps performance at the forefront. Our custom-tailored digital marketing services are designed to not only keep businesses modern in terms of their online marketing techniques, but also relevant.
What product features offered by Microsoft Advertising do you rely on the most to achieve your vision?

The Microsoft product features we use most are Remarketing and Dynamic Search Ads. Remarketing audiences allow us to work users down the funnel by eventually converting them after an initial interaction with low intent. We have seen great success with applying remarketing audiences with increased bids to our campaigns. Dynamic search ads help us capture additional traffic to ensure we aren’t missing out on potential customers.
How does your company embody inclusivity and giving?

Tandem embodies inclusivity and giving through transparency and what we believe is a true partnership as their trusted marketing firm. Clients are included in developing our marketing strategy so our team understands their goals and the proper tools, platforms, campaigns, and targets necessary to meet and exceed those goals. We give clients the opportunity to have a hands-on robust view of our efforts to ensure our team is equipped with the proper knowledge to represent their brand and products, in order to do this our team holds in-person client meetings to review efforts, visits clients at their facilities for better understanding of logistics and operations, reads books on their industry and products to become just as knowledgeable as their own employees.

The team from Tandem, Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner award winners for April 2020.

Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration Finalist, North America — Fathom

Steve Kessen, Chief Executive Officer of Fathom
What’s your company’s vision/mission/specialization?

At Fathom, we’re digital marketers who believe strong strategy starts with deep roots — in our clients’ business, in digital, and in outcomes.
Tell us more about your work with Houston Methodist.
Beyond the digital marketing expertise we provide clients, our purpose is to better the lives of people, so we really value our partnership with Houston Methodist — a leading health system nationally. Helping Houston Methodist achieve marketing outcomes means helping patients be healthy, so it’s truly rewarding to work with them. In terms of the paid search strategy for Houston Methodist — and the way we leverage the Microsoft Search Network — our goal was budget efficiency. Simply put, the less we spend per lead, the more patients who can find a healthy outcome.
To achieve that, our specialists relied heavily on automated bidding strategies to improve cost per lead. Automated bidding strategies were tested across 100% of the campaigns, and we saw a 15% improved cost per click — plus an improved average position. Given the scope of the campaigns, creating 15% efficiency opens the door for more investment and a healthier constituency.
Congratulations to Tandem Interactive and Fathom, and a huge thank you to all those that submitted nominations. The next round of nominations for Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partners will be accepted September 1-15, 2020.
If you haven’t enrolled in the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program yet, make sure that you apply at so that you’re eligible for the next round.

If you’re an enrolled partner, stay connected with us and up to speed on all things partner related by joining the Microsoft Advertising Partner Community on LinkedIn.