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How consumer intent continues to shift across the globe

It doesn’t matter which vertical we consider: the global COVID-19 crisis continues to impact consumer behavior in a multitude of ways. As markets adapted, borders closed, and lockdowns took place, we’ve seen a shift in the way people search for the right information and the right product, at the right time.

Launching volume 2 of the consumer search trends report

In April we shared our first report, looking at some of the biggest markets in the world; Australia, Canada, UK and the US, to identify changes in consumer behavior during the time of lockdown in each market. Since then, given the pandemic has hit almost every country around the world, we decided to look at a broader set of countries, identifying key vertical trends across multiple continents and countries within Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. In this version of the eBook we look at markets in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherland, Spain, US and the UK, across categories to provide you with consumer insights.

Respond. Recover. Reimagine.

As the world adapted to one of the biggest pandemics in our lifetime, we explore how consumers turned to search to explore, discover and purchase key necessities over the past several months. Within this research, we want to provide some insight into 3 core stages, from response to reimagination.

Three phases of adapting to the covid-19 crisis: respond, recover, reimagine.

Download the latest eBook, titled Search trends in the time of COVID-19, volume 2

We hope you find this eBook helpful as you think about your digital advertising strategies to connect with consumers and the digital transformation your business is experiencing.

Search trends in the time of covid-19.