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Make your ads stand out with expanded Dynamic Search Ads

Microsoft Advertising brings you powerful new ways to make your ads stand out: Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) now include support for an additional description field and longer dynamically generated ad titles. This new expanded format is available in all markets where Dynamic Search Ad campaigns are supported: the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Canada and Australia.

Help increase ad engagement with new capabilities

The updated format allows you to:
  • Utilize an additional description field, for a maximum of two descriptions total.
  • Specify up to 90 characters each for the two descriptions.
  • Enjoy the benefits of longer dynamically generated ad titles.

It's easy to add an additional description to your Dynamic Search Ads:

Product view of the create an ad dialogue window, showing new ad text fields.
The Create an ad dialogue window, where the new description field (Ad text and Ad text 2) appears during setup of Dynamic Search Ads.

Grab attention with an additional description

Longer descriptions can be used to make your ads more specific with additional information to help grab the attention of potential customers. The second description isn’t guaranteed to appear on all devices, so be sure to include any legal disclaimers or mandatory text in the first description.

Dynamic Search Ads can be created via the Campaign Management  or Bulk API services and are ready for you to try out now.  For questions or feedback, we encourage you to reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account manager or contact us directly at