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Dispelling 3 myths of modern marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, change is the only constant. Innovation drives a shifting landscape that keeps consumers and marketers reaching for the next big thing. From the internet to mobile to voice, the game keeps changing making it hard for today’s marketers to decipher fact from fiction. What works? What doesn’t? What worked last year, and will it work next?

More data, fewer myths, smarter customer journeys

Microsoft Advertising joined forces with Rise Interactive to take a closer look at three common myths affecting the decisions that we as marketers make every day. Our latest white paper tackles the following questions:
  • Did mobile kill desktop? 
  • Are today’s marketers overcomplicating the customer decision journey (CDJ)? 
  • Is voice really the next big thing?

As we found, some trends can be stickier than others, and sometimes the hype doesn’t match the data. For example, though it may not be as trendy as mobile and voice, the desktop is still very important in consumer shopper journeys. Data shows that the majority of conversions still take place on desktops. Whether it’s due to their larger screen size, or the huge number of PCs already in circulation, the fact is, we still prefer to shop on our desktops. 

Not only is the desktop important and relevant, but it's still growing in usage. Internal Rise data shows an increase in clicks across all devices in the past two years with mobile increasing at the fastest rate followed by desktop, then tablets. The entire digital pie is getting larger as consumers embrace new devices and behaviors:

Chart graphic, showing increase of clicks over 2 years for mobile, desktop and tablet searches.

What other myths are affecting your marketing campaigns? Today’s marketers are turning to data for answers as they as they strive to create smarter customer journeys that are data-driven, customer-centric and friction-free. Join Microsoft Advertising and Rise Interactive as we dig into the data, find the facts and bust more myths. Download the white paper.