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New in Bing Ads: Quickly Undo Changes in the Change History Tab

Have you ever made changes that negatively impacted your campaigns and wished you could quickly undo them? Well, we have good news for you. Today, we are excited to announce the new undo feature that allows you to revert unwanted changes back to their previous values right from the Change History grid – no need to navigate to a different page. 

How to Undo?

Just go to the Change History tab and click on the "Undo" button located next to the change that you want to revert back to the previous value.

Once the undo is complete, "Undone" appears at the beginning of the Change Headline.

Which Undo Operations are Supported?

In this release, we are supporting the ability to undo some of the key Edit operations on Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords. Below are the details:

A Few Things to Note

Below are some more details on the undo functionality:

  1. One ‘Change History Grid Row’ may contain one or more ‘Change Headlines’. ‘Change Headline’ is the grouping of one or more ‘Changes’.


2. If a Change History Grid Row contains multiple Change Headlines, users can choose to undo all or some specific Change Headlines only.

Undo of specific Changes Headlines can be done by selecting the checkboxes next to them and then clicking on the Undo button.

3. If undo of any one of the Changes in the Change Headline is not supported, then undo will not be supported for that Change Headline.

Note: Notice no checkbox is present next to Change Headline in the above screenshot.

 4. If undo is not supported for all the Change Headlines in the Change History Grid Row, undo icon will not be displayed.

 5. The undo operation cannot be performed on an already undone Change Headline. However, when an undo is performed, a new Change History Grid Row gets added in Change History grid showing the reverted change, which can be undone.


6. Only those changes that are made in the last 30 days can be undone.

7. Currently, there is no support for bulk operations (from WebUI/API/Bing Ads Editor) if the changes within Change Headline is greater than 500.

We will continue to improve usability of Change History, and your feedback is important for us to deliver impactful features. Please leave your comments or suggestions below or submit them in our Feature Suggestion Forum.

Thank you,

Prince Bajracharya

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform