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Enhanced Sitelinks Are Now Globally Available

Following the launch of Enhanced Sitelinks in the US back in September, I am excited to announce that we are making this product available to Bing Ads customers in all markets! Now marketers from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and more can create Enhanced Sitelinks in the languages Bing Ads supports, such as French, Spanish, and German, in their market.

Enhanced Sitelinks is serving on PC and tablet traffic on most of YBN O&O traffic now. We are also launching device preference for Sitelinks, which allows you to specify which Sitelink should have preference on mobile traffic, in these markets at the same time. The only exceptions are Taiwan and Hong Kong, and we are working to launch Enhanced Sitelinks and device preference in those two markets soon.

Benefits of Enhanced Sitelinks

In case you are not familiar with the product, Enhanced Sitelinks allow you to add two lines of customizable, descriptive text to your Sitelink Extension. Customers viewing your ad appreciate the additional details provided by Enhanced Sitelinks, and our research shows that they’re more likely to click on your ad and stay longer on your landing page. This often translates to a better Click-Through Rate (CTR), as well as a better conversion rate for your campaign.  


Learn More! Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use Enhanced Sitelinks can be found on this Help page or this SlideShare deck

Eligibility to Serve

Like other Sitelinks or other Ad Extensions, Enhanced Sitelinks are not guaranteed to serve, even if eligible. Whether Enhanced Sitelinks serve depends on a number of factors, such as the relevance of your ad, relevance of the Enhanced Sitelinks, user location, space available on the page, and so forth. As always, we are experimenting with different algorithms to provide the best user experience as well as advertiser ROI. For that reason, you may find that your Enhanced Sitelinks have not served when you expect them to. Rest assured we are working hard to make sure your potential customers have the best ad experience.  

Best Practices

As mentioned in my previous post, only high-quality ads serving in the top position in the ad block above the search results will be eligible to trigger Enhanced Sitelinks. The best candidates for using Enhanced Sitelinks would be high performing campaigns such as your brand term campaigns. Due to bigger font sizes of Enhanced Sitelinks, it is undesirable to serve long Sitelinks in this format. For this reason, Bing Ads requires Sitelinks to be no more than 25 characters if description texts are added, which makes it eligible to serve as Enhanced Sitelinks. If you have Sitelinks longer than 25 characters that you want to make eligible for Enhanced Sitelinks, you can shorten the Sitelinks first, and then add the relevant description texts.

While it is not necessary to add description texts to all Sitelinks in a Campaign or Ad Group for Enhanced Sitelinks to serve, we encourage you to add description texts to at least the first four Sitelinks, and preferably as many Sitelinks as possible so we can choose the best Enhanced Sitelinks to serve in a given context.

Stay Tuned!

With this launch, you can use Enhanced Sitelinks no matter where your customers are. We will continue to roll out new products globally and keep you updated here on the blog. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or Bing Ads customer support.

Thank you,

Eliot Li

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform