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The Download, Episode 5 Synopsis

Welcome to 2021. It’s business as usual. Nope, it’s business unusual.

In this action-packed episode to kick off the year of 2021, we look at why your business should adopt more inclusive design practices in its marketing by speaking with the brand Tommy Hilfiger about their inclusive marketing design initiatives. We also go deep into 5 myths about Microsoft Bing with our search evangelist John Lee, and we noodle with the LinkedIn B2B Institute about their 2030 B2B Trends Report. This episode will cover:

  • Microsoft Advertising Insights on our 2021 Consumer Trends Report. We dive deep into five trends in five verticals including Retail, Health & Wellness, Technology & Telecommunications, Travel, and Financial Services.
  • The Inclusive Marketing Lab with MJ DePalma is back! She speaks with Sarah Horton of Tommy Hilfiger and Christina Mallon of Wunderman Thompson about the inclusive marketing practices they’ve adopted in their design.
  • A product pop-up about 5 myths around Microsoft Bing. Search Evangelist John Lee dives deep into these, one of which is “My customers only use Google.” We have an answer to that!
  • A Noodle segment about the LinkedIn B2B Institute’s 2030 B2B Trends Report with:
    • Ty Heath, Educational Lead, LinkedIn
    • Jon Lombardo, Global Lead, B2B Institute, LinkedIn
    • Peter Weinberg, Global Lead, B2B Institute, LinkedIn
  • Open Perspectives asks the question: “What should the focus of 2021 be?” with:
    • Ericka Riggs, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Omnicom Specialty Marketing Group
    • Christena J. Pyle, Chief Equity Officer, Dentsu Americas
    • Rebecca L. Sanders, Executive and Leadership Sourcer, LinkedIn

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