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Three tips to grow your agency using Microsoft Advertising

With the new year well underway, business owners large and small are often spread thin and forced to wear many hats. But it doesn’t take much help to make a big difference, especially when agencies are well-equipped to help point them in the right direction. And when agencies carry a reputation for helping clients reach new customers and grow their businesses, their business grows too.
As an agency, you may be familiar with the ins and outs of advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, but to really reach a range of customers and better diversity your marketing strategy — both for yourself and for your clients — Microsoft Advertising is an ideal platform to add to the mix if you’re not already using it or suggesting it for clients. Below are three tips for growing your agency using Microsoft Advertising. Taking advantage of these key differentiators will help your clients get in front of customers in a measurable and cost-effective way. 
Help your agency, and your clients, create smarter customer journeys by reaching the right audience, with the right message, using the right technology.

1. Reach the right audience

Reaching your ideal audience is key to growing both your agency and running effective campaigns for your clients. Utilizing Microsoft Advertising alongside other advertising options like Google and Facebook will help you expand your reach into new territories and audiences you didn’t know existed. The Microsoft Search Network has 37% of search PC market share in the U.S. and is used for nearly 1 in 5 searches across all devices. Also, 45 million searchers on the Microsoft Search Network can’t be reached on Google alone.

Microsoft Advertising can help you reach a wider, more diverse audience. For example, the Microsoft Search Network audience is split nearly evenly between males and females, 52% and 45% respectively. In addition, half of the Microsoft Search Network audience are college graduates, and half are under the age of 45.

To reach the right audience at the right time, you can choose from one or multiple dimensions for targeting. Once you understand your audience, you can use options such as Remarketing, In-market Audiences or Custom Audiences and more, to target based on user intent. Or, if you want to target based on user profile info, you can utilize LinkedIn Profile Targeting or age and gender targeting. You can, of course, use location targeting and device targeting to reach audiences based on location or device as well. By combing various targeting dimensions, you can narrow down and reach your ideal audience.

2. Deliver the right message

Reaching the right audience is key, but you also need to make sure you deliver the right message to that audience. Utilizing various personalization enhancements from Microsoft Advertising, you can ensure the message stands out to the audience you’re trying to reach.
There are many options when it comes to products to choose from to help you deliver the right message. From various ad extensions to utilizing feed-based ads or shopping campaigns, there are many ways to personalize your ads for each audience. For example, maybe you know a specific audience you want to target often consults third-party reviews. You could utilize Review Extensions to highlight third-party reviews in your search ads. You can also use some of the intelligent feed-based products such as Dynamic Search Ads to save you time by not having to create separate ads for each product on a site manually.

3. Benefit from the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program

The Microsoft Advertising Partner Program helps distinguish agencies in the search advertising marketplace through free training opportunities, exclusive marketing, and sales resources and technical support. At its core, the program is a relationship between Microsoft Advertising and the most qualified agencies, channel partners and technology partners in the advertising industry. Participating in the partner program provides agencies with an opportunity to nurture and grow their intelligent search and digital business, access to the Microsoft Advertising community and technical experts, and recognition for their work with Microsoft Advertising.

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