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SES London - Optimising Humans! The Art of Data-Driven Social Marketing

Ever been to a conference? If you have you know that what you need on the morning of day three is coffee and a really good keynote speaker. Jumping to and fro to welcome SES London attendees this Thursday morning was aimClear founder and evangelist Marty Weintraub. This man from Minnesota has energy and wants to talk about the art of data-driven social marketing - Bring it on!


Marty Weintraub

Marty fixes his gaze on the darkened audience. ‘Any community managers out there? You need to get out more! Social media changes’ he says ‘but the way people communicate hasn’t. In real life you reach out to people to make connections instead of just waiting for them to come to you. In order to make friends you need to know what interests people’

In order for a business to make social connections you need to know what interests people. What content is being liked – by whom? How and where are people talking about your brand or topics that relate to it. What are people saying about you abroad? Who is doing this? Making lists of people that appreciate certain content and starting conversations with them is a smart way to gain a credible, valuable following. In social media - like in SEO - rankings are important. Connecting with certain people will increase your reach.

Weintraub is alluding to psychographic or IAO variables (Interests, Activities and Opinions to you and me). Where today PPC and SEO cross-use data to improve performance, social marketers can use insights they can obtain from the social channels they use to have more relevant, real-time conversations.

To an extent I see how this is not unlike offline marketing. I noticed the other day how the Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park is cleverly sponsored by Cartier. Weintraub gives an example as to how he socially targets Rolex fans with Porsche and high earning music lovers with orchestra tickets. Areas that you could target are – according to him – occupations and employment, groups and affiliations, publications and classic mainstream interests. You can also target people by things they don’t like.

Finally he sums up a few tips around his approach:

  • Targeting is at a risk - use honest marketing principles.
  • Psychographics do not necessarily allure to paid ads – but insights, there is also such thing as organic social media engagement!
  • Are you reaching out to people and do you join conversations or are you sitting on your virtual doorstep waiting to welcome and help people?
  • Follow public data and engage.
  • Be (I quote) ‘Freakin Charming’
  • Seek recent themed conversations and be creative to find them.

As a community manager I agree we need to take part in conversations and not wait to be asked. We do that – and I always think we can do better - sometimes it comes down to time. I agree that when you use social media you ought to analyze your data to know what your audience likes, when they prefer to consume news and what kind of news and be just as diligent as when you analyze your PPC campaign. Your customers benefit from this and you spend your time better.

Some of the deep dives examples into the make-up of audiences shown today made me feel uncomfortable – I felt you’d be prying to much even though that information is in essence public - which is perhaps where your personal judgment should come in.

Anyway enough talking – I’m off going out to engage with you, I was told to get out more and be freakin charming..