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Year in review: Webcasts

With the year coming to a close, we highlight several of our webcasts that are filled with actionable tips and insights. From growing your agency to audience solutions to customer centricity, our webcasts covered a wide variety of topics. Whether your goals for the new year are to continue to grow your agency or get started with native advertising, we’ve got you covered. Webcasts are a great, engaging way to learn and get information straight from the experts themselves.

Here are six webcasts to check out 

Five tips to grow your agency with Microsoft Advertising

We know that your success as an agency depends on your client's success as well. Whether you’re working to help your clients increase conversions, drive more foot traffic, or increase online sales, a comprehensive marketing strategy is key. In this webcast, we show you how Microsoft Advertising can help you extend your marketing and your bottom line.

Register and check out the pro tips to grow your agency.

Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn: Leveraging the dynamic duo

Organic and paid are better together. That’s why we teamed up with LinkedIn for this webcast to help you mastermind a winning strategy for reaching new customers and growing your business. Discover the latest digital marketing insights and strategies to engage your audience and grow your business today. From tips for building a compelling organic strategy to boosting reach and engagement through paid advertising, you’ll find plenty of guidance on how to stand out from the competition.

Learn more about leveraging Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn.

The Art and Science of Customer Centricity

As marketers, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. In this webcast, learn how top-performing marketers are sprinting ahead of their competitors by focusing on a better understanding of the customer decision journey (CDJ) and improving their marketing based on that understanding. See how these marketers are using data and technology to make more informed decisions and improve customer engagement.
Find out more about the Art and Science of Customer Centricity.

The Art and Science of Audience Solutions

In this webcast from the Art and Science series, learn more about audience solutions that can help you connect meaningfully with the people who matter to you. You’ll learn about the native advertising industry, hear about Microsoft Audience Network best practices, explore product updates to our audience solutions, and see success stories with principles you can apply to your own business.

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Getting started with Microsoft Advertising for SMBs

We know many folks who own and work for small businesses are short on time. So, let Microsoft Advertising help you reach new customers and efficiently create, launch, and manage your SEM advertising campaigns. In this webcast, learn how to use SEM to target new customers and understand the value of the Microsoft Advertising audience. You’ll also get step by step guidance to help you set up your Microsoft Advertising account, launch a new campaign, and master keyword selection and targeting.

Learn how to get started with Microsoft Advertising today.

Modern Marketing is Accessible Marketing

Did you know that 15% of people around the world live with a disability? That’s about 1 billion people. Have you considered the value of making your documents and media more accessible for your clients or customers? In this webcast, we team up with Office 365 accessibility experts to teach you more about accessibility features for visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive disabilities. You’ll also find out how to run Accessibility Check on Office documents, discover ways to make PPC more accessible, and more.

Find out more about accessibility for your marketing materials.

Start learning today

These webcasts are filled with tons of actionable insights and tips, and we hope they help you work towards achieving your business goals. From accessible marketing to customer centricity, there are a lot of different topics we covered this year. Be sure to check out our on-demand and upcoming webcasts.