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Holiday season brings growth opportunities for e-commerce trailblazers

This time of year, we’re all focused on certain words: holidays, family, shopping. But if you’re an e-commerce retailer, there’s an additional word occupying your mind: growth.
Recent Bing Ads customer stories highlight companies who’ve enjoyed substantial growth and hope to amplify that trend by targeting new audiences. Employing cutting-edge search strategies that feature key Bing Ads features, they’re eagerly turning the calendar page to a promising 2017 — confident in methods that have them feeling quite merry.
Great Big Canvas is headquartered in North Carolina in a massive facility populated by hundreds of employees buzzing about, doing everything from answering phones to stretching canvases. This time of year, additional seasonal hires help keep their artistry on track. The fuel in their engine, however, is the Bing Ads platform, which acquisition marketing director Matt Fritz describes as invaluable — particularly features like ad extensions and especially Bing Ads Editor. “That is the tool I use for hours, every day,” he says. “With the size of our account — hundreds of campaigns and tens of thousands of ad groups with a half million keywords — without Bing Ads Editor, my job would be practically impossible.”
Since 2012, Bing has served as Great Big Canvas’ largest revenue contributor, delivering more than 400 percent growth — with only a 5 percent increase in spending. A similar tale is being told in a very different industry at Too Faced, a California-based cosmetics brand with an exuberant approach to match its promising future.
“We're driving a higher percentage of new visitors through Bing, as compared to our paid search efforts on other search engines,” beams Krysta Brown, the company’s senior manager of digital marketing. “And we see higher conversion rates with a lower investment.”
Employing search marketing to spread the company’s three-word motto “Own your pretty,” Too Faced considers itself to be a “tester,” a phrase used by Brown to describe her constant tweaking and refining of the company’s paid search strategy. Through data analysis and the embracing of innovations, Too Faced continues to gain insight into its customer base while simultaneously expanding it — a great position to be in as the retailer approaches its 20th anniversary.
“We do a lot of testing to see what markets perform best for us,” Brown explains. “It’s dependent on the current strategy, the product offering and who we're going after. Within all of digital marketing, we continuously test to see who we want to reach based on the goals of a particular campaign.”
As passionate as Too Faced’s customers may be about their makeup, the same is true of the green-thumbed hobbyists who patronize Gardener’s Edge. The brand extension of A.M. Leonard — a family-owned business in Ohio with more than 130 years of history — Gardener’s Edge has helped the venerable retailer reinvent itself for the internet age, using Sitelink Extensions and other ad extensions to drive year-over-year growth.
“We find the traffic driven from Bing to be slightly more valuable than from other engines,” explains David Kennedy, the vice president of digital advertising at Wheelhouse DMG, the digital agency for A.M. Leonard. “Another area of growth over these past few years has been the implementation of new ad extensions of which we have definitely tried to take advantage.”
At first glance, an art printing company in North Carolina, a lipstick-and-eyeliner retailer in California’s Orange County and a gardening brand from Ohio couldn’t seem to have any less in common. But in today’s global economy, as e-commerce retailers with a shared goal of increased market growth, Great Big Canvas, Too Faced and Gardener’s Edge are standing alongside each other at the forefront of paid search marketing.
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