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Greenlight Digital uses Audience Ads to help farmers

Senior male farmer driving tractor to plow through planted rows in farm field.
With Covid-19 travel restrictions, fruit and vegetable farmers worldwide faced major labor shortages. In the past, fruit pickers would travel over each season to pick millions of tons of produce. In March 2020, there was a huge coronavirus-induced labor shortage that could have led to crops rotting in fields across the UK and no fresh produce for consumers. 

Full-service digital and commerce agency, Greenlight Digital wanted to help. The company responded to the challenge in the form of a nationwide recruitment campaign including ‘Pick for Britain’ posters. 

A fruitful relationship with Microsoft Advertising

Using Microsoft Audience Network, Greenlight Digital took advantage of the image-based ad format to showcase the ‘Pick for Britain’ posters on premium sites, such as MSN and Microsoft Edge. In one week, the ads gained 150,000 impressions. This successful result spurred Greenlight Digital to continue its efforts and create more advertising.

The partnership between Microsoft Advertising and Greenlight Digital not only worked on the recruitment campaign, but also helped promote many of Greenlight Digital's clients. Using the latest Microsoft Advertising features, the agency was able to help clients respond to the coronavirus pandemic, make impactful decisions and ultimately grow their business. 

Audience Ads keep growing

   The Audience Ads Planning Tool is helpful to explore data by vertical and geography.

   New countries are being added to the network.

   And the Audience Ads training is a great place to start.

At Greenlight, we value the Microsoft Advertising platform for  the innovative ways it helps clients reach new customers and grow their businesses.

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