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Make your ad stand out with Callout Extension opportunities

We are very excited to announce that the Callout Extension opportunity is now available in Bing Ads inline and on the Opportunity tab. It is the first ad extension opportunity in Bing Ads, giving you recommendations on how you can stand out from the crowd and suggestions to help improve the click-through rate (CTR) of your campaigns.  

What are Callout Extensions?

Callout Extensions provide an extra snippet of text that highlights your website’s unique products or offers. This extension is not clickable and can appear in addition to your ad’s description or with other extensions, increasing your share of screen space and your chance of clicks and engagement. Plus, providing additional details about your website can help make your ad more relevant to potential customers.

Why should I take advantage of the Callout Extension opportunity?

Callout Extensions are a terrific way to improve your ad performance, since it allows you to showcase any products, services, deals and promotions that make your business unique. While you can add Callouts through an uploaded Excel file or manually on each Bing Ads campaign, this opportunity will save you time by enabling you to directly adopt Callout Extensions in a quick and easy way. Additionally, for each Callout Extension opportunity, we have highlighted the estimated impact metrics you may need to help you in your decision to adopt callouts, such as estimated change in clicks, CTR, spend and cost-per-click per week.

How can I add Callout Extensions with this opportunity?

You’ll find the Callout Extension opportunity on the Opportunities page and inline opportunities, where you can add Callout Extensions to your accounts in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Review Your Opportunities

Click the Opportunities Tab to see whether Bing Ads has suggested any Callout Extension opportunities available to you (Bing Ads will only suggest active campaigns with historical high performance). If there are opportunities, you’ll see a number of campaigns with an estimated efficiency gain that you could realize by applying Callout Extensions.

callout extensions screenshot

Click View Opportunities for more details on how to take advantage of these opportunities.

Step 2: View Your Opportunities

In the next page, if you switch to the advanced view, you’ll see suggested campaigns with estimated performance change. You can sort by estimated change in clicks, CTR or spend, and then select a campaign to view more details.
suggested campaigns for callout extension opportunities

Step 3: Add Callout Extensions and apply

In the detailed page, you can see the highlighted estimated performance change which will help you understand the benefit if you adopt Callout Extensions. All the available Callout Extensions in your account are listed in the “Available Callout Extension” box. Select callouts there and then click apply.
And that’s it! You successfully added the Callout Extensions to your campaign and can look for potential improved ad performance in the next week! If you don’t have any Callout Extension opportunities available in the account yet, you can also click “Add new Callout Extension” below the extension box and add callouts now.
available callout extensions for campaign screenshot
You’ll also find that if a particular campaign has a Callout Extension opportunity, it will surface directly within your campaign page. Click the bulb icon in the delivery column and a popup dialog box will show you details.

Get started today

The Callout Extension opportunity makes it easy to apply Callout Extensions to campaigns that don’t have them and would help you showcase what makes your business unique. All essential estimated performance lift metrics are provided for you to help make your decisions about adding Callout Extensions to your campaigns. Excited about this new opportunity? Login to Bing Ads to try out the Callout Extension opportunity today!

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