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Marketing with Purpose course: Accelerate brand loyalty and growth

At Microsoft Advertising, we’ve been on a journey dedicated to empowering our advertising clients with new knowledge based on original research. We set out to understand the drivers of brand trust and the effects of inclusion at the intersection of advertising and marketing. What we discovered on this journey has been helping us step up, to help our advertising clients respond, recover, and reimagine their advertising and business in a time when economic uncertainty, health, and safety concerns, as well as the keen awareness of inequality and social injustice have become acute. The need for brands to show up for their customers is getting clearer, and what people expect from brands is getting bolder.

We might all agree this past year has been the toughest we’ve had in our lifetimes, but from great challenges, great solutions are born. We believe we’ve found one great solution to the many challenges businesses are facing: it’s Marketing with Purpose. Marketing with Purpose can accelerate business growth and help create authentic connections between brands and their customers.

Introducing the Marketing with Purpose course

We’re pleased to introduce the Marketing with Purpose course, which can help you accelerate growth by building a more trusted and loved brand authentically. The course outlines marketing tactics and data-driven actions you should take across the core building blocks of trust in your marketing: responsibility, values, and inclusion, which can lead to brand loyalty.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand how to activate Marketing with Purpose to drive business growth.
  2. Build more trusted customer relationships with responsible marketing tactics and insights.
  3. Uncover opportunities to identify and celebrate shared values, to drive value and increase brand love.
  4. Apply inclusive marketing insights and recommendations to increase purchase intent and loyalty.
  5. Earn a Marketing with Purpose badge to demonstrate your new, certified knowledge and skills.

Microsoft Advertising Marketing with Purpose badge.

The one guiding principle where everything begins for the most trusted brands is PURPOSE. We found that companies who lead with purpose are more trusted and loved. It helps them endure and thrive through tough times because purpose inspires loyal connections with their customers. Our purpose at Microsoft Advertising is to empower every marketer and business to achieve more, so with this free course we aspire to make good on our purpose to empower you. Join us on this journey of learning and let’s build, together, marketing and brand experiences that lead to incredible loyalty and our best collective future.


Start the Marketing with Purpose course today and earn your badge!

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