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Webcast: 7 SEM strategies for unprecedented times

In these unprecedented times, one thing is certain: change is constant, especially when it comes to consumer behavior. You need to be flexible to adjust your strategies to the changes that are happening almost daily. This flexibility is of course nothing new for the search industry.

It's with that in mind that our own Christi Olson sat down to discuss her recommendations in our latest on-demand webcast: 7 SEM strategies for unprecedented times.

In this webcast, we cover the following strategic approaches that reflect our collective “new normal.”
  1. Be more visible
  2. Test, and test again
  3. Safeguard with RSAs
  4. Doublecheck existing ad copy
  5. Update your business data
  6. Focus on efficiency
  7. Sharpen operational work
The second part of the webcast focuses on metrics. Just as some changes to your marketing approach are necessary, it’s time to rethink your approach to measuring results.

Search is growing increasingly important as consumers remain home and bring more of their intent online. So join us on-demand and learn the SEM strategies you can start implementing today to tackle the ongoing shifts in consumer behavior.

And finally, we're here to support you and your team, and we’re committed to helping you every step of the way. Please keep in touch. Reach out to us on LinkedIn or Twitter with questions, as we’d love to hear the strategies you are taking to adapt to the new reality of today.