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Microsoft Advertising to disallow third-party government services

We’re always evaluating our policies to ensure a safe and engaging experience for our users and the digital advertising ecosystem. We made the decision to disallow ads for government products or services that are being offered by a third party. This policy update will also disallow the bundling of government products and services with other products and services. Microsoft Advertising will implement this change to our Misleading Advertising Policy globally for new demand beginning today. Ads that are already running in the system will be impacted beginning May 6, 2020.  
Some examples of government products and services that will be impacted (list not exhaustive): Birth certificates, passports, ESTA, Visas, Social Security, change of address, driver's license, vehicle registration, food stamps, emergency funds, and unemployment benefits.  
Some examples of government products and services that will not be impacted (list not exhaustive): Tax preparation services and software, accounting services, immigration lawyers, travel agencies, and business-to-business services. 
For more information about this and other ad policies or guidelines, please visit our policy site at As always, feel free to ping us on Twitter, or you can email us directly at