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Increase your December ad budget

December is the last stretch in holiday advertising and the most crucial. It makes good fiscal sense to allocate more advertising resources during the month of December. The increases that retailers and vendors see during the holiday shopping season should compensate for the increase in advertising costs, making such spending a wise business investment.

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The Art & Science of Bing Ads Reporting Webcast coming November 17th

Do you know which reports give you the best picture of your campaign status? Which report is the go-to when you want to understand why clicks went up 25%? Knowing how to efficiently pull the most useful reports from your Bing Ads dashboard can save hours of data dabbling, give you the right fuel to take to quarterly review meetings and help boost your success.

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Bing Ads Travel Summit Webcast

It’s a great webcast whether or not you’re in the Travel industry, because Purna Virji, Sr. Bing Ads Client Trainer shares on this webcast about “The Future of Search” and the implications of the conversational canvas, like voice search, your camera as a search box, personal assistants, bots and agents.

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