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Simone Schuurer

International Content Marketing / Social Media Manager

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Learn about Ad Extensions and Smart Search at the Adobe’s Digital Marketing Conference

Learn about Ad Extensions and Smart Search at the Adobe’s Digital Marketing Conference Marketing in a digital world is increasingly complex, but savvy marketers now have more opportunities than ever before to successfully reach consumers and...

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PPC Back to Basics – Get Started with Conversion Tracking

What is conversion tracking? Anyone investing in advertising usually wants to know the effectiveness of their advertising efforts. When you advertise using pay per click, you can obviously measure the clicks, however, clicks are not the last...

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PPC Back to Basics – How the Search Term Report will Help Your Campaign Performance Today

In the last PPC Back to Basics blog post we tried to give you an easy overview on how to use reporting in Bing Ads. In this post we’d like to highlight the search term report as it is a little gem of a report that will do you some favours: It...

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PPC Back to Basics – How to Use Reporting in Bing Ads

As explained in this article on Search Engine Land, for 52% of small businesses proving the ROI of their advertising efforts is top of mind. Not only are there more products and features available in Search today which are easy to use and really...

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Like to Visit SES London? Sign Up With a £400 Discount Today

From Tuesday the 11th of February to Thursday the 13th of February the Bing Ads social media and community team will – like many others interested in search & social – visit SES London in the Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London. Impressions of SES London 2013 Sessions across the three conference days fall in the categories social media, owned and earned, paid and business intelligence this year. Businesses look at various marketing channels to engage their audiences – at SES...

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