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Budget constraints can force your campaigns to pause because marketing dollars aren’t always where you need them to be. One of your best-performing campaigns may use all of its budget and then go dark while another campaign may still have plenty of unused budget.

Microsoft Advertising Shared Budgets feature makes it easier to match your Microsoft Advertising spending with how your business allocates marketing budget across multiple campaigns. You can set a single daily advertising budget that can apply to all of your campaigns or specific campaigns within your account, which will then automatically redistribute any remaining budget. By reallocating any marketing budget that is left unused, you reduce the risk of pausing a campaign. You also increase your chances of getting more clicks from campaigns that perform well.

Redistribute unused budget to top campaigns.

Why Shared Budgets?

  • Reduce the effort to calculate budget distribution among many campaigns.
  • Share unused budget across multiple campaigns.
  • Optimise budgets for campaigns that are performing better than others.

Get started with Shared Budgets

You can associate new campaigns with existing Shared Budgets. You can also import shared budgets from your Google Ads campaigns. Find out more about your budget options and learn how you can share a budget across multiple campaigns.

  Create a new Shared Budget