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Price Extensions are a pay-per-click extension that display your products or services, along with their corresponding prices, to searchers. Price Extensions will only show on ads listed at the very top of the results page. This allows searchers to see exactly what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. This helps to increase your clicks and drive potential customers straight to your converting experiences.

An account, campaign, or ad group can have up to 20 Price Extensions. Like any extension, Price Extensions are free to add to your ad and may not always show for every query. You only pay the standard ad headline cost-per-click for clicks you receive on Price Extensions.

Directly show product and service prices within your search ads.

Why use Price Extensions?

  • Improve relevance
    Show potential customers the products and services they’re searching for with specific prices included.
  • Enhance your mobile strategy
    Price Extensions are tailored toward increasing your visual share in mobile search results, offering you a greater chance to increase click-through rates.
  • Increase conversions
    Drive more conversions with a direct link to your product or service, along with pricing information.



Start using Price Extensions

Visit our help page for additional information on this feature, setup, or common questions.

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