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Redefining the search experience with Shopping Ads

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Vyapar leverages Shopping Ads in a new way to drive transformational results

Powering “Fintech” for small businesses

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Founded in 2016, Vyapar is the simplest and easiest billing, accounting, and inventory management application. The company stemmed from the need to mitigate the financial hassles of small businesses by digitizing the process of their housekeeping and managing end-to-end financial needs. With an easy-to-use interface and a self-learn mechanism on the application, the brand clocked in a top-class 4.7 rating on the Play Store, with over 5 million downloads. Vyapar has grown immensely since its inception and is now a dream come true for businesses in India in solving the radical challenges they face in record-keeping and ledgering, transaction tracking, identity, and risk management.

Based on the observational success of Shopping Ads in the retail sector, we decided to opt for the non-traditional approach and explore driving engagement and quick conversions with Shopping Ads in the BFSI/Fintech space. The results have been nothing short of ordinary—trying a different approach gave us a strong, competitive edge, in addition to delivering a higher number of good quality leads.

— Vimlesh Maurya, Sr. Marketing Manager, Simply Vyapar Apps Pvt Ltd

Riding the digitization wave with Shopping Ads

Example of Shopping Ads in the SERP

Many entrepreneurs in India are unaware of a one-stop solution to manage their financial needs successfully. With the right tools, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises can significantly boost their financial performance by accurately logging, transacting, managing, and maintaining financial records. While Vyapar provides users with a complete solution to meet their needs, the key challenge the brand faced was to increase awareness and capture the right audience for conversions. Vyapar leveraged Search as a mainstream strategy medium in their marketing mix to promote their brand and encourage businesses to adopt financial digitization.

The Microsoft Advertising platform unlocked new opportunities for the brand to reach exclusive, high-interest audiences to generate a higher lead score and, subsequently, deliver meaningful conversions. To reach out to these audiences and drive real impact, the Vyapar team, in consultation with InMobi, built a unique and innovative experience by combining Search and Shopping Ads activations. Traditionally, Shopping Ads have been a focus area primarily for the retail sector brands; however, Vyapar decided to leverage Shopping Ads in a distinct and non-traditional way.

Taking the road less traveled

Shopping Ads are designed specifically to enable brands to drive desired actions amongst customers by showcasing their products in a concise and effective manner. Brands can add impactful and relevant visuals of the product or service, along with additional information such as pricing and company name, to grab the viewer’s attention and develop a stronger purchase intent. Product Ads enable brands to highlight more than one product on the same search results page and appear along with the text and Multimedia Ads, thereby helping brands seize much more real estate on the search engine results page (SERP).

Combining these campaigns with Microsoft Advertising solutions, including Location Extensions, automated bidding strategy, Expanded Text Ads, Sitelink Extensions, Action Extensions and Remarketing, Vyapar was able to target and impact business owners and entrepreneurs who were looking to digitize their financial records.

Driving impeccable results

As an outcome of the combined strategy adopted, Vyapar saw an astounding 140% increase in conversions and a massive 165% increase in lead acquisition through remarketing from Q2 to Q4, 2021. With rigorous ad optimizations done on the Microsoft Advertising platform, Vyapar witnessed a whopping 99% conversions exclusively driven from the search campaigns.
With Search becoming a way of life for smartphone users, we decided to mark our presence on the SERP with search ads. Shopping Ads are such a value addition for us, bringing in a strong visual appeal and a unique positioning on the SERP. Not only did we reach the high-intent Microsoft Advertising exclusive audiences, but we also did strike the right chords with them. The conversion rates and the remarketing outcomes resound the success of the campaign.

— Vimlesh Maurya, Sr. Marketing Manager, Simply Vyapar Apps Pvt Ltd

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