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How Blue Zinc Media harnessed the power of automation to grow their business

January 2024

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​​The goal​

Blue Zinc Media is a lead gen focused agency that manages massive accounts with millions of keywords. Their intentionally lean team is always looking for ways to harness the power of automation and AI to scale their work and hit their strict cost per acquisition (CPA) goals. If big accounts, a small team, and tight targets weren’t enough, the CEO wanted a solution to their volume needs. It was time for more automation.

​​The solution​

The Blue Zinc Media team was all-in on automation. After partnering with their Microsoft Advertising account team, they settled on a Portfolio Bidding solution. This would allow the lean team to manage the massive catalog of keywords and ads for each account while still having flexibility over each CPA target. The most novel part of this strategy, granting the autobidding solution unrestricted access. This meant removing all negative keywords, site exclusion, and bid modifiers. That’s right, Portfolio Bidding now had unfettered access across each account—and it worked.

Utilizing Microsoft Advertising's autobidding and portfolio bidding features has been instrumental at Blue Zinc Media. These advanced tools have directly contributed to our clients reaching their sales and revenue objectives. We genuinely appreciate the edge Microsoft Advertising provides to our campaign approach.

— Doug Thibault, Founder and CEO at Blue Zinc Media

The results

This bold bidding strategy relied heavily on automation, and it delivered. Blue Zinc Media saw a 13% increase in conversions, CPA stayed within target range, and they duplicated the same strategy across other accounts.

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