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Get incremental sales with automatic Cash back promotions

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Here at Microsoft Advertising, we strive to find new ways to grow your business and build great experiences for our users. Our new launch, coming in the next few days, does just that: Introducing Cash back promotions, a new way for us to drive incremental sales and grow conversions built directly into Microsoft Edge.

Online shoppers spend a lot of time searching for the best deals online. By introducing Cash back promotions, we’re saving time for our users and driving incremental sales for you. By optimising the value of savings to the right users on the right ads, we’ll drive more efficient sales across your campaigns.

Cash back promotions is a Microsoft run cash back programme for the United States on product ads, with text ads coming soon. The goal of the programme is to drive incremental sales and return on ad spend (ROAS) growth for you. This programme is an AI-based optimisation, managed entirely by Microsoft. When cash backs are given to users, they come from Microsoft Cashback, giving you the peace of mind of growing your sales without having to worry about attribution, optimisation and user inquiries.

The goals of Cash back promotions are simple:

  • Grow your sales efficiently by incentivising users with the right value of savings to drive conversions.
  • Optimise savings to users' needs by showing them deals for products they care about, thereby increasing efficiency.
  • No effort required because we use your existing campaign setup. Microsoft also handles all optimisations and post-purchase inquiries.

Example of the Cash back promotion on the search results page.

Cash back promotions details

When a user clicks on an ad served with a Cash back promotion, they have 24 hours after the click to complete their purchase. Microsoft will automatically attribute the purchase to the click and process their cash back. Cash backs are managed entirely by Microsoft, and users can redeem their cash backs through the Microsoft Cashback dashboard.

Cash back promotions are served for eligible campaigns and users when our AI determines they’ll bring incremental value. The cost per click (CPC) charge you see on your ads within that eligible traffic will increase nominally to accommodate the cost of optimising this programme and bringing you better performance. The increased performance will outweigh the costs of this programme. If we cannot deliver on performance, our AI optimisation will not serve Cash back promotions. Microsoft Advertising will optimise the amount and frequency of Cash back promotions while focusing on increasing your campaign's incremental conversions and ROAS.

How can I set this up for my Microsoft Advertising campaign?

There is no additional setup required from you to serve Cash back promotions. This is a Microsoft Advertising run programme, so we handle all the optimisation, payout, and user inquiries. We do, however, have some campaign eligibility requirements to serve Cash back promotions on your campaigns.

We require campaigns to have conversions of type purchase and a bidding strategy that’s optimised for growing conversions and conversion values. The campaign also needs healthy metrics, such as a good number of clicks, click-through rate (CTR), conversions, and healthy ROAS. Finally, we require your budget to have the headroom to accommodate any increase in volume.

If your campaign meets these requirements, it’ll automatically serve Cash back promotions. All your campaign settings including targeting, bid strategy, and budget will stay the same as before.

We’re excited to bring you Microsoft Cashback promotions to help you drive better performance and grow your business, all while making Microsoft the best place to shop.

Stay informed

If you are unsure about how Cash back promotions will affect your ads or have other concerns, you can view our Help page, or contact Microsoft Advertising support. We are actively listening to build product improvements to solve your unmet needs.

Please direct your customers to the Microsoft Cashback support team with all questions, concerns, and issues related to their Cash back promotions.