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The Download, Episode 11: Impactful, inclusive, and creative marketing

An informative, inspirational, action-packed episode that marketers and business owners shouldn't miss

Episode 11 is all about impactful, inclusive, and creative marketing. In it, we share research, insights, interviews, and tips and tricks that can help you reach your audience authentically and effectively. Topics include:

  • An emerging persona: Empowered Activists. Through research, we identified this new audience, who tries to change the world and uses their wallets with purpose to demand action from companies, and we navigate how you can reach it.
  • A deep dive into purpose-driven marketing: Bobby Jones, Cofounder of Good is the New Cool, explains what it is and how businesses and marketers can do it.
  • An example of Inclusive Marketing in action: Ciara Dilley, Vice President of Transform Brands & Portfolio Innovation, and Susan Parsons Gornell, Director of Brand Strategy and Design (North America), of PepsiCo and Frito-Lay North America, discuss Stacy’s Snacks’s Stacy’s Rise Project.
  • An overview of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) staple: In the latest The Bot segment, we discuss backlinks and what they mean for your online reputation.
  • Tactics to make your brand more relatable: Ty Heath, creative marketing expert and Director of Market Engagement, The B2B Institute at LinkedIn, leads the inaugural Level Up segment and shares five tips about how you can infuse your brand with character to make it more effective and resonant.

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