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Bing Ads app for iOS and Android: Add Keyword Opportunities now available

Review. Accept. Swipe — all at your fingertips. Introducing Add Keyword Opportunities, now available in the Bing Ads app for iOS and Android. Take advantage of keyword suggestions based on your campaigns’ ads, landing pages and existing keywords.

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New tracking parameters for URLs in Bing Ads

We understand how important it is for advertisers to gain additional insights about their paid search clicks. The more data you have, the easier it is to fine tune your campaign settings to improve performance that can help you reach valuable custome...

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#AskBingAds Episode 3: Do we have an ETA on Labels?

With the launch of the new brand, we're taking a new approach to our #AskBingAds video series. Moving forward, we will be dedicating one question per video to keep them short and sweet. That also means we will be releasing more videos, more often. So...

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Find out if your keywords are working in just one step

Do you want to know whether a particular keyword is triggering your ads and, if not, why? Beginning today, that answer is just one step away from your Campaigns page. With the new inline keyword diagnosis tool, you can make smarter connections to ach...

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New! Take a Guided Tour of Bing Ads

We frequently hear from advertisers that it would be great to just have someone to walk you through key tasks like how to create a remarketing list, keyword, automated rule, or target. We are pleased to announce that step-by-step assistants called Gu...

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