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Max conversion value for search and other updates for April

For advertisers looking to drive revenue and return on investment (ROI), one bid strategy that can help advertisers is Maximise Conversion Value, which focuses on optimising high-value conversions and the total sales value of your campaign.

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Performance Max and other key updates for March

At Microsoft Advertising, we’re committed to bringing more efficiencies and solid ROI across the entire funnel. Our product releases for this month enable advertisers to get full-funnel ad experiences and more results with less effort.

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Two kids sitting in a garden, both with laptops.

Seasonal Spotlights: Home and Garden Advertising in the spring Season

Spring is a time of regeneration, growth, and development. From blooming flowers to launching new ad campaigns. With the new beginnings of spring, we introduce a new blog series: Seasonal Spotlights.

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