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Microsoft Audience Network: A smarter way to target your ideal customer

Reach the Audience that Matters Most

The Microsoft Audience Network is a new AI-powered audience marketing solution that helps businesses connect to the people that matter to them throughout the consumer journey across search, web and apps. The Microsoft Audience Network offers advanced audience targeting and brand safe native placements. We recognize that the industry is ever changing, customer-centricity matters more than ever to businesses, and AI is transforming how marketers and brands engage with their customers.

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Relevancy – Improve your campaigns with seasonal ads

The year offers a number of seasonal events, not just Christmas, and a chance to target and also reach a potentially new cohort of customers. Considering this, advertisers must ensure that their campaigns are updated regularly; making this seasonally...

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Marketplace Insights: Top 4 New Year’s Tips for UK Finance & Insurance Marketers on Yahoo Bing Network in 2015

The festive break is just around the corner and whilst shoppers are busy hunting for the perfect present purchase, we have had our eye on what happens once the shopping is done, the bubbly is open, and 2015 rolls in! Whilst the everyday consumer...

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What’s in a Brand Name? Using Trademarks and Copyrights in Your Advertising

Outside of sales, brand recognition is what every advertiser wants. When customers are searching for your product or service, you want your business to be the first that comes to mind. When it comes to using brand names in your ads or on your...

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