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Mastering the Microsoft Audience Network 

Mastering the Microsoft Audience Network webinar.
Expand your reach and performance as we explore targeting, best practices and more. Level: Basic/Intermediate.

Microsoft Audience Network To watch on-demand – REGISTER HERE

A large choice of on-demand webinars available 

Here are your learning events to engage, get inspired and become an expert on Microsoft Advertising products and features. 

a virtual classroom setting  All sessions -  REGISTER HERE

Shopping special: part 2

Discover key strategies through audience expansion opportunities and campaign optimisations for the holiday season. Level: Intermediate.
Shopping special part 2 To watch on-demand – REGISTER HERE

Microsoft Search Partner Network  

In this session, you will learn how Microsoft Advertising search partners can help you get more qualified traffic. Level: Intermediate.

Search Partner Network To watch on-demand – REGISTER HERE

Automated bidding

Explore Microsoft's automated bidding solutions to determine the right technology to support your campaign goals. Level: Intermediate.
Automated Bidding To watch on-demand – REGISTER HERE

The next virtual bootcamp series will be revealed in the coming month and if you'd like to get a head start feel free to watch our prior on-demand sessions or check out all things retail on our content hubs for the UKUSCanadaAustraliaGermany and Spain. To learn more about Microsoft Audience Network, please visit our help page.