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How Bing Ads and OMD UK drive leads up and costs down for DS Automobiles

Want to find out how premium brand DS Automobiles is working with Bing Ads and using Remarketing in Paid Search to drive leads up and costs down?

Our latest Bing Ads customer success story highlights ourDS Automotives logo longstanding relationship with premium car brand DS Automobiles, part of Groupe PSA, which also includes Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, and Vauxhall Motors. 

In the video, UK Marketing Director at DS Automobiles Mark Blundell explains his mission to establish the company as a standalone premium brand that redefines luxury.

With more capabilities coming to market each year, Blundell recognises the value of paid search.
“We have a complex customer journey and purchase lifecycle to manage, so the ability to pinpoint and segment audience groups is essential for the business. It helps us target our messaging to the most relevant demographic,” he says.

“Paid search is a great way to get in front of our audience. If we can display an ad early in the buying cycle, we know we’re going to be successful.”

Working in partnership with its marketing agency OMD UK, DS Automobiles has developed a performance-driven strategy—including Bing Ads Remarketing in paid search—focused on increasing leads and reducing the overall cost per acquisition.

“We have a target audience made up of previous DS Automobiles site visitors, who are then retargeted with more defined bids and a stronger call to action when searching for our brand, model, and generic keywords,” explains Blundell.

“These users are deep-linked into the specific lead-booking form on our own website. Because they’ve previously visited the site, they will be more likely to request a brochure or book a test drive if we can capture their attention in a more targeted way.”

Since using Bing Ads, DS Automobiles has seen the following results:

Blue car
  • 43% increase in leads and 53% decrease in cost per lead year on year
  • 122% uplift in click-through rate, 17% drop in cost per click year on year
  • 51% of overall leads delivered by remarketing campaigns
  • 71% lower cost per lead and 346% higher conversion rate than in non-remarketing campaigns
  • 17% year-on-year growth in Q1 clicks and 57% growth in Q1 leads

Want to shift your business into a higher gear? Watch the full story to find out how DS Automobiles is using Bing Ads to drive greater awareness within its target audience.   

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