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Microsoft Advertising Insights Series #4: Value of partnership in retail

Microsoft Advertising Insights series (f.k.a. the Trusted Partnership series) with Episode 1: In brands we trust | Episode 2: Covid-19 recovery trends | Episode 3: Client trust

In this interview, Melanie Schlegel, Head of Paid Search at OTTO explains how they connected with their customers to ensure availability, deliverability, and customer satisfaction.

The Microsoft Advertising platform, along with the related Audiences, helped OTTO to successfully meet the rapid shifts in online consumer behavior, driven by Covid-19.

While demand in the fields of fashion, swimwear and accessories declined, all products related to the new everyday life at home were at the center of attention: Home office equipment, homeschooling material, children's toys or hobby needs. Companies had to react quickly and flexibly to these changes in purchasing behavior – both on the side of advertising campaigns and on the side of product availability.
We are in peak shopping season and Black Friday is approaching quickly. In the interview, we learn that OTTO sees a big focus around the topics price, availability, and service. OTTO also predicts sustainability to be a long-term consumer hot topic, especially for younger audiences. 
A year ago, we decided that Microsoft Advertising is a partner we would like to keep in-house instead of handling it with the help of an agency. We strongly believe in its potential.

Melanie Schlegel, Head of Paid Search, OTTO

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