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Coming changes to your budget strategy features

Microsoft Advertising will be deprecating the Accelerated budget strategy for Search, Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and Shopping campaigns. To make this migration seamless and without any breaking change, starting on November 1, 2019 these campaigns will start serving as Standard regardless of the chosen strategy type. This delivery side migration provides our customers with more time to migrate over their budget strategy on their entry points from Accelerated to Standard.

How will this budgeting strategy help you?

Budget-constrained campaigns using the Accelerated budget strategy tend to go dark earlier in the day and perform less efficiently. On the other hand, Standard budget strategy is a “smarter instrument,” as it picks and chooses the right time to serve with the intent of optimising your performance based on multiple factors, such as the products and services targeted by your campaign, and availability of corresponding search during the day.

For more information and tips, visit the What are my budget options? help page.