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New features for importing your campaigns from AdWords to Bing Ads

When it comes to setting yourself up for success using Bing Ads, Google Import is a highly effective and instrumental tool. Last year, we announced Automated Imports so that you can start scheduling your syncs with AdWords and bring over your campaigns on a recurring basis. Now, there are even more capabilities in Google Import that have made it an increasingly powerful tool for you to leverage.

What’s new with Google Import?

Google Import is continuously evolving to help you spend less time and do more with Bing Ads, such as:

Bringing over more items from AdWords

The Import team has been hard at work increasing the number of items that you can bring over from AdWords. Now, the scale is larger than ever. You can now import from Google AdWords:

  • 10 thousand Campaigns
  • 1 million Ad Groups
  • 5 million keywords
  • 4 million ads
  • 2 million ad group-level and campaign-level negative keywords combined
  • 2 million ad group product partitions
  • 200,000 all other entities combined
  • 500,000 targets

Additionally, you can now import brand-new items into Bing Ads, such as age and gender targeting and negative keyword lists. For a comprehensive list of all that you can bring over with Google Import, see our Help page What gets imported.

Gain more control over your import

Ensuring our advertisers have more control over new and existing import items is one our top priorities. That’s why we’re also excited to offer Advanced Import Options so that you can select specific items you want to be added, updated, or deleted, all using a more simplified workflow.

Next time you go through Google Import in Bing Ads online, you can click Show Advanced Options and see all the additional items you have the option to include or remove as part of your sync with AdWords. Some of the options now enable you to:

  • Choose specific ad extensions and targeting settings to import
  • Disable status updates for campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords
  • Pause newly imported campaigns
  • Keep campaign names unchanged (and not updated from Google)
  • Leverage find-and-replace text in campaign names and tracking templates
Import items options selection
*Location targeting is one item to check after importing. For more info, see What gets Imported.
**The following ad group-level extensions cannot be imported but can be re-created using Bing Ads: Sitelink Extensions, App Extensions, Location Extensions, Call Extensions.
Other options selections of Google Import

Updates in progress

There have been many improvements to Google Import. Not only have we increased the name limit of ad groups to 256 characters, but also surfaced import recommendations on the Opportunities Page. At Bing Ads, we’re always working hard to enhance Google Import so be sure to stay informed by following the Bing Ads blog. For more details on Google Import, how it works and what items you should keep in mind, check out Import campaigns directly from AdWords.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to reach us on Twitter. You can also submit your ideas for how to improve this feature and Bing Ads in our feature suggestion forum.