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Stay informed with the new Microsoft Advertising Insider

Take a moment to imagine that you suddenly have ample free time. So much time that you’ve since cleared your inbox, read all the latest industry news, and established a regular exercise routine. While we may not be able to help motivate you to go to the gym, we can help you with the rest. We’ve created the new Microsoft Advertising Insider newsletter for the digital marketing professional with a busy schedule. We understand the importance of your time and want to help protect it by sharing with you a curated list of articles to keep you up to speed on the latest product news, industry trends, and insights to help you grow your business. This fortnightly delivery of the Insider provides you with an easy to skim synopsis of each article to allow you stay informed and read more about what matters most to you.  

To stay in the know and receive all this goodness, subscribe to the Microsoft Advertising Insider.

Product view of the Microsoft Advertising Insider email newsletter.

For those of you that were already receiving the former Blog newsletter, fear not because we’ve merged that into the new Microsoft Advertising Insider format to ensure everyone’s receiving the same benefits from our unified newsletter. We hope that by subscribing to the Insider we can help protect your inbox, keep you up to date on industry news, and who knows — maybe even save you enough time to fit in an extra workout or two.

One last thing, if you subscribe to the Microsoft Advertising Insider today, and we’ll plant 10 trees on your behalf as part of our sustainability initiative.