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Learn what’s trending in travel searches

You’ve built a beautiful website, added a reservation cart, and offered special packages at multiple price points. You’re ready to make a realistic advertising plan to promote your company to travelers searching for what you offer. You want your business to show up in travelers’ searches, but how?
From a search for the dream trip to formulating a plan, from booking a reservation to finalizing details on arrival, there are dozens of touchpoints on a traveler’s decision journey. With so many possible stops on their way to becoming your customers, you need solid and actionable information about the way travelers search for and purchase travel related offers.

Plotting a new map to customers

If you need a new map to find more customers, we’ve got data to show you what’s trending in travel searches. We want to help you turn searchers into customers. The details on how travelers are searching might surprise you.
  • Do you know at what points in the decision journey a traveler is likely to move their searching from mobile to desktop?
  • Do you know where in the search process travelers book destination activities and excursions?
  • Do you know how to capitalise on your online reviews in your search ads?
Beyond helping you keep up with the way travelers are searching today, we want to show you how Bing Ads can help your ads intersect with their searches in relevant and productive ways. Our infographic is full of data gems that show how Bing Ads features can address trending travel search methods and help you reach your potential customers.
To learn more, download the travel insights infographic. We want to help your business be there now.