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Shopping Campaigns available in the Netherlands

Shopping Campaigns available in the Netherlands
Great news for Dutch retailers, as Microsoft Shopping Campaigns are now testing in the Netherlands with an open beta.
As of Monday 10th June, the feature is available to hand raisers who want to run shopping campaigns in the Netherlands. Microsoft Advertising clients can work with their Account Managers to get started. 
Leading Dutch retailer was one of the first companies to jump on the pilot. “We believe Microsoft Shopping can help us show more relevant ads to our clients,” commented Arend Ruiter, PPC Manager at

5 easy steps to get started today 

We’re making shopping campaigns easier than ever to get started. With these simple steps you can be up and running very quickly on the pilot:
  1. Claim your domain in Bing Webmaster Tools or verify via UET tag
  2. Create your store in Microsoft Merchant Centre
  3. Upload a product feed or import from Google (editorial review up to 72 hours)
  4. Create shopping campaigns or import them from Google
  5. Optimise your campaigns to the Microsoft audience
And thanks to some recent improvements in the product, there are even more benefits to using Shopping campaigns:
  • Manage only one feed – import your entire Google Merchant Centre directly into Microsoft Advertising.   
  • Import Scheduling – schedule your import at times which are convenient to you and at a cadence that suits your business needs. 
  • Flexible optimisation – you can now use either the API or FTP or both to update your feed seamlessly.  
  • Multiple Stores – create additional stores from the same domain to give you more flexibility. 

Optimisation tactics 

If you’re familiar with running Shopping campaigns on other platforms, you will not require a lot of time to set up your campaigns on Microsoft Advertising. However, we do recommend bearing in mind the following for a more successful experience:
  • Traffic mix – remember that the Google and Microsoft audiences differ. Adjust your demographic and device targeting bid modifiers from your imported Google settings.  
  • Floor price – the minimum bid for Microsoft Shopping Campaigns is €0.05. If your bid is below this floor price, your ads will not show.  
  • Automatic optimisation – our algorithms will automatically supplement descriptions with additional information taken from your feed to save you time. 
Find new clients in the Netherlands via Microsoft Shopping today and contact your local Account Manager to find out more about our open beta.